Benefits Of Tai Chi For Health

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Health
Benefits Of Tai Chi For Health - Tai chi is a type of sport that developed in China since the 16th century. This is a type of exercise that combines movement of the body, though breathing, and meditation. In contrast to other gymnastics, gymnastic movements in tai chi tend to be slow because of emphasis on focus and alignment of movement and breath processing. 

According to dr. Alvin Nursalim, writing, ever conducted a study of 156 parents aged 70-92. They were given a tai chi exercises three times a week in six months. The effect is, they are doing the exercise has the risk of falls than those who simply do regular stretching. Genesis falls is a problem that is often experienced by the elderly. 
The other effect is that elderly people practicing tai chi exercisers had higher confidence than other seniors. The confidence shown by the reduced fear of falling when they perform activities. 
In addition a group of parents who do Tai chi also feel more confident, as shown by the reduced fear of falling. this is because the gymnastic movements of tai chi were able to train balance and coordination of muscle movements in unison. 
Various other literature indicate if gymnastics tai chi also had an influence on the health of the heart and brain. The breathing exercises in gymnastics tai chi indicated to have an advantage in delivering oxygen which promotes blood circulation in the body. So that the activity of the heart and brain awake. 
Gymnastics Tai Chi is a form of body work that is very beneficial for health. Many sources say that gymnastics Tai Chi originated in China and evolved since the 16th century Tai Chi is an exercise or sports movements merger between the movements of the body, though breathing and meditation. Tai Chi is also different from other gymnastics, for gymnastics Tai Chi movements are slower. Gymnastics Tai Chi focuses on the harmony of movement and breathing. 
A study ever conducted on 156 elderly rang aged between 70 years to 92 years. They do gymnastics this exercise 3 times a week were conducted for 6 months. The effect of this exercise them more confident and avoid fear because if the body movement. They feel more balanced when you do these exercises, muscle coordination continuous so that the risk of falling is smaller. Actually, Tai Chi exercise a positive influence for brain health and heart health. If the breath while doing exercises can deliver oxygen to perfection so that it can improve blood circulation in the body. 
While we often see Tai Chi movements when viewing a movie. Fighter in the film has the body flexibility in practicing Tai Chi. Actually fighters were draining the life energy throughout the body so that it can support the health, consequently the mind becomes quiet. Even practicing Tai Chi can be done at an early age eg 12 years of age. Tai Chi is basically taking the air from respiratory and flowed through the abdominal breathing. The air entering the nose were briefly detained so that stored in the stomach, then exhaled through the mouth. Breathing techniques like this make the body more fresh and healthy of course. 
Medical science explains that unconscious chi energy will flow throughout the body automatically. The flow of chi can flow perfectly in the body if we condition our mind relaxed and calm. Tai Chi movement was also benefiting Therapeutic, that may help cure a disease or disorder that exist in the body. Practicing Tai Chi exercise on a regular basis, we will feel an energy will flow in the body, making the body particle can function well. We will be more confident and will feel more comfortable and quiet. 
Just as aerobics, Tai Chi movements beneficial to the body, which can increase flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Tai Chi exercises harness the power that comes from the Earth, or so-called "Yin" and the power that comes from the sky, or so-called "Yang", combined with physical exercise makes a wonderful movement formations that give harmony and balance. 
Doing gymnastics Tai Chi may be made by not using such pads do not wear sandals or shoes that can use flexible. Begin the movement of Tai Chi meditation beforehand that aims to calm the mind. By concentrating in the area around the abdomen below the navel, this is an area of ​​heavy power center of the body. After that we can perform the movements corresponding guidance of an instructor or teacher, every movement is done with deep breathing.

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Health
Tai Chi exercises when done regularly provide health benefits. Here are the benefits of Tai Chi for health gymnastics, among others: 
Breathing Becomes Stronger
With practice we can get used to breathe correctly. Usually we are currently using the upper chest breathing and exhaling of breath. Often our bodies lack of oxygen, so the body can not work with the maximum. 
Increase strength and flexibility. With lithe bodies, muscles also become more flexible and stronger as well by way of diligent practice. Maintaining bone strength as well, so it is not easy to injury. 
Boost Immunity and We Have Become More Enthusiastic 
Tai Chi movements can activate the body's organs. For example spleen, so the spleen function clears toxins become more leverage. If the organs improves, then the auto immune system will be better anyway. Tai Chi can recharge your body and cure diseases as well. 
Relaxation is Increased
Movement Tai Chi consists of body flexibility, concentration in the form of meditation, and breathing exercises. So it can increase feelings of relaxation and quieter. 
Drain Energy "Chi"
By doing gymnastics Tai Chi on a regular basis we will feel the flow of energy. We can learn how to save energy, cultivate and develop it. It is what you know and feel when studying Tai Chi correctly. Do not miss a day without Tai Chi. Even if only 5 minutes but it is very beneficial for the body. 
Conclusion: Gymnastics Tai Chi is one if the movement of the body by using meditation, slow movements and breathing exercises. Benefits of Tai Chi exercises are very beneficial for the body and health if we do regularly and in the right way.

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