Benefits Of Coconut Water For Health And Beauty

Benefits Of Coconut Water
Benefits Of Coconut Water For Health And Beauty - Coconut is a fruit that contains many properties that are useful for mankind. At least that was the reason why the fruit is used as a symbol of Scouting Indonesia. One part of the coconut fruit is the source of water is a number of benefits. Consuming coconut water is not only refreshing at a time when the scorching summer heat. With the advantage as the water did not contain bad at all, coconut water can be consumed by all circles of health conditions vary. In addition to potent overcome any health problems coconut water also has a major contribution to support the beauty as well as pregnancy. 
Coconut Water 
Refreshing drinks this has merit as a natural energy drink containing isotonic fluids. With a high electrolyte content, coconut water is beneficial to avoid dehydration due to loss of body fluids. For patients with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), isotonic fluid from coconut water is beneficial to maintain the stability of body fluids to the healing process. It is on the other side also became its own advantages of coconut water than isotonic drinks packaging tends to be a lot of content artificial chemical substances. Besides coconut water is also high in protein and low in cholesterol and fat. It can be said if the benefits of coconut water is equivalent to cow's milk. Although the fat content is less complete than cow's milk, but glutamine and amino acids in coconut water is high enough. Coconut water also contains calcium equivalent to cow's milk is very good for your bones. Besides coconut water be superior to cow's milk to maintain weight. Keep in mind when the coconut water is a good diuretic so you can lose weight in a healthy manner while controlling the blood sugar levels to prevent or treat diabetes. As a powerful diuretic, coconut water can also be a liquid that forces you to keep on passing urine along with substances that are not useful to the body. In addition, drinking coconut water is also capable of suppressing appetite hunger and give a sense of satiety by its natural content so it is good for you who are want a healthy diet. 
Other benefits of coconut water is the content of magnesium and potassium rich so it is good for people who have low blood pressure. Ar coconuts are also able to increase good cholesterol to good treatment to improve cardiovascular health. Coconut water is also good also for people with high blood pressure because it is permeable to the blood can also help control blood circulation and prevents the development of diseases in the body. It is thus no exaggeration when it is said when the coconut water is regarded as miraculous compound capable of preventing the risk of heart attack or stroke. Another function of the potassium content of coconut water is to prevent cramps in the joints as well as to break up the rock crystals in patients with early-stage kidney stones. Permeable properties of coconut water also makes it easy to distribute the content of minerals as possible through the blood so as to increase the body's immunity. Coconut water also has properties as a natural antidote. For those of you who are experiencing allergies, coconut water can help meredeakan its effects such as itching and bumps. As an antidote anyway, coconut water can be used to alleviate the side effects of a hangover from excessive alcohol consumption. 
Benefits Of Coconut Water
In addition to the health benefits of coconut water can also be used for those who want to support the appearance. Coconut water has been clinically proven good for your skin and hair. The antioxidant properties of coconut water will be able to counteract exposure to free radicals which help you to get a skin softer, brighter and younger. By consuming coconut water, facial and body skin you will be able to look brighter and fresher because the function that regulates the circulation of oxygen in the blood. Therefore, coconut water is widely used as a moisturizer and other beauty ingredients. Coconut water is also able to control the oil levels in your face so as to prevent dullness and pimples. To deal with acne and infections of the face is more, not only coconut water can be drunk, but also used to wash the face regularly. 
Benefits of coconut water to support the appearance can also be you who want to have more beautiful hair. As mentioned earlier, coconut water has contributed to increase blood flow, including that toward the scalp so strengthens hair roots and makes hair thicker. Laurid acid content in coconut water will help strengthen your hair shaft that is not easily broken. For those of you who have hair stiff, dry and dull, use coconut water to rinse and massage the scalp will also help you solve problems for the sake of your hair get the hair smooth and manageable. Other helpful content of the coconut water is a liquid anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that will overcome the problem of dandruff and greasy hair. While the content of vitamin K and iron will help you have more hair shine. 
For pregnant women are advised to drink a glass of coconut water a minimum of every day to get a good benefit for you and the baby in the womb. The content of vitamin C is not only good for the skin of pregnant women, but given its function as a support network formation of collagen which is good for the structural integrity of connective tissue cells so the skin all babies born later will also have more skin supple and clean. In addition, the benefits of coconut water is also good because it helps boost immunity and maternal health at the same time the baby, especially for those who experience pregnancy problems from the start. Coconut water will encourage pregnant women to remove toxic substances through urine so infectious and inflammatory diseases such as heart during pregnancy can be avoided. The rest, so that the baby's health after birth is maintained, pregnant women are advised to consume coconut water mixed with turmeric. 
Benefits Of Coconut Water
To feel the various benefits of coconut water, you can not only consume pure coconut water directly, but you can mix it with other ingredients such as milk or orange extract, for example. Additionally, if you wished for fresh coconut water, coconut choose old with nut was already hard and brown. However, if you wished for coconut water that the water was still too much you can drink straight from the green-skinned young coconuts. Either young or old, the benefits of coconut water is no different. With the benefits provided and easily search for coconut water on the market, there is no reason for you not to start a regular habit of consuming coconut water.

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