Benefits Of Pineapple

Benefits Of  Pineapple - Pineapple (in Latin called pineapple) is a kind of tropical plant originally from Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Not only refreshing, fruit that has a sweet and slightly sour taste when eaten is also plenty of vitamins A and C as an antioxidant. In addition, pineapple are also rich in fiber.
With so much content available on pineapple, it is not surprising if the pineapple is very beneficial for health. And the following are some of the benefits of pineapple for our bodies:
Helps to Soften The Food in The Stomach
The content of the enzyme bromelain in pineapple can be useful to help soften the food in the stomach. In addition, the enzyme bromelain also serves as an anti-inflammatory and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.
Lose Weight
High fiber content in pineapple proven petrified diet program to lose weight naturally.
Maintaining healthy teeth
Pineapple contains vitamin C can help prevent dental plaque and gum disease.
Improving Blood Sugar
Because it has a fairly high sugar content, pineapple is good for people with low sugar levels. Eating pineapples can help improve blood sugar levels.
Overcoming Constipation
Lack of fiber in the food consumed can make constipation. Eating fruits that contain lots of fiber can solve the problem of constipation. Pineapple is one of the fruits that contain lots of fiber. The trick, drink pineapple juice. Choose fruit that is not overripe pineapple and still tasted sour.
Overcome Bloating
To treat disorders bloating in the stomach using pineapple fruit is quite easy. The trick, pure pineapple juice drink at least 30 minutes before you eat a meal. Do it three times a day with a dose of 150 cc at a time.
Benefits Of  Pineapple
Addressing Inflammation of The Skin
Pineapple are also able to overcome the problem of inflammation of the skin, which is to overcome the peeling skin and scaly. The trick grab pineapple fruit is ripe. Peel the skin and scar. Use the results to rub the grated pineapple peeling skin and scaly. Do this activity at night before bed. The next day, freshly washed.
Strengthen The Immune
The content of essential amino acids and non-essential in the pineapple fruit is useful to strengthen the immune system. Both of these compounds have long known potent helps the body overcome fatigue.

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