The Benefits of Garlic For Health And Beauty

The benefits of garlic a lot that we can feel for daily life. Garlic includes family tubers. Garlic is known to us often become a culinary spice and has been well-known in many parts of the global. Which produces this herb popular is the ability to prevent cancer.

The benefits of garlic, but unfortunately, sometimes his stinging aroma forming poly plants are not consumed directly, but only a condiment, as a result only a small amount of garlic consumed. Almost all natural ingredients have properties of each body. Similarly, the use of garlic, but before resorting to the use, there is good that we know the nutritional content draws on the garlic.

1. Benefits of Garlic has allicin compound, used for medicine.
Garlic is a plant that has been used since the days of ancient Egypt, allicin content is the error of the substances used as drugs. Allicin this means that one of the most biologically active components and a large main ingredient in garlic. What is the function of the origin of this allicin? He is an anti bacterial substance contained in garlic.

Lots of research has been done on this matter and found that he had a crucial effect create some health information that is to lose weight, thin the blood, preventing hypertension, anti cancer agent, antioxidant and anti microbial or anti bacterial. These substances which produce the special characteristics of the smell of garlic. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that are considered Allicin, which is believed to play a major role as well as bringing health benefits second to none.
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Benefits of Garlic For Health And Beauty

2. Garlic Herbal anti Cancer
At least that's the reaction time was found by the researchers examined the efficacy of garlic as the most dangerous diseases: cancer. Garlic is also worth mentioning, as an anti cancer herbs, contains allyl sulfides contained in garlic can cause the killing of cancer cells into anti cancer drugs.

One concrete evidence found by researchers means that the content of PhIP, mistaken one derived form heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which are substances that can trigger breast cancer for women. Originally a lot of research done diallyl sulphide substances contained in garlic Annoying PhIP growth and transformation into a carcinogen that can eventually lead to breast cancer. But you should remember that the garlic plant has anti cancer agent that is the most active and for preventing cell growth of various types of cancer in particular is very dangerous for you.

3. Can Reduce High Blood Pressure
These are the benefits of garlic that has been tested, poly research already issued a fact that garlic effectively lower high blood pressure approximately 7-8% (source: WebMD). Even the origin of the effect of garlic can reduce blood pressure in normal people. Most studies used a specific garlic powder.

5. Origin Antivirus very powerful

Efficacy most famous origin of garlic is a very rich source of antioxidants that the body as well as would be expected. Not only to prevent, garlic nevertheless known to be an anti virus as well as bacteria, substances contained in garlic may help prevent the development of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses and worms in the body.

6. Powerful Trimming bad cholesterol

Another error of the greatness of herbal origin or most popular culinary herbs in the country Indonesia is the ability to lower bad cholesterol levels. He was able to cut or destroy LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body significantly continuously, various research proves that he can cut LDL as much as 10-15%. Do not feel uncomfortable using HDL (good cholesterol) you, even though garlic is able to lower LDL, but does not have a significant impact for HDL, so you will permanently healthy. Bengan stimulated insulin production can consume garlic, it is equally similar to the benefits of coffee consumption used wisely. Increased insulin reduces blood sugar levels.
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8. Garlic Effective For Skin Beauty
with the exception of healthcare which is supported by the garlic, as well as the benefits of cucumbers, garlic also provide good benefits for the transcendental beauty of the skin.
  • Clear blackheads. Blackheads are not rare nasal area and disturbing vision. Pass the garlic puree, used to be applied to the area seized blackheads.
  • Clear cuts both stains. The second wound sometimes creates a lack of self-confidence to who owns it. The benefits of garlic, provide anti-inflammatory properties that can cleanse the wound on the skin. Rub garlic on wounds stain area.
  • Acne medication. One clove of garlic mashed and apply first to the surface of the skin with acne, then let stand 10 minutes, or use the time before bed. The next day, pimples will be smaller and more petite, do regularly for optimum results found.

9. Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Dementia
garlic able to prevent neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's? nerve damage or oxidative free radicals caused by a very important role in the aging process. Garlic contains antioxidants that support the body's procedures protection against oxidative damage. garlic supplements have been proven to create an increase in antioxidant enzyme for humans, also by way of significantly reducing oxidative stress in patients with high blood pressure. The combined benefits such as reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as antioxidant properties, will alleviate prevent common brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

10. Garlic may Trim Weight
Different Types of studies have found that the anti-inflammatory substances contained in garlic that will facilitate the set up of fat cells that are formed in our body. Obesity or weight remains when fat is formed, the phase change is pre-adipocytes into fat cells (adipocytes) through a process we call inflammatory system. Vinyldithiin substance containing garlic can eliminate inhibit the inflammatory process that would have been good to prevent weight gain.
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11. Eliminate Toothache Most potent
Garlic can be very useful for when important or urgent when you have a toothache ? Why ? Toothache in the conventional way is caused by bacteria into your teeth. Anti virus also bacteria that exist for garlic will eradicate and eliminate the bacteria that cause tooth pain. Except that it also has a strong analgesic content To overcome your toothache.

12. Increase Metabolism Iron substances
Recent research involving garlic has shown that he is very effective in increasing the metabolism of iron. Iron stored in cells against our body, so is the transfer of activities out of the cell and back into the body circulation win needs a protein called ferroportin replies. Ferroportin is a protein that occurs across the cell membrane, and provide a pedestrian bridge made of iron and leave the cell. Garlic can increase production of this protein then helps keep the iron circulating in the body right along the goal.

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