15 Benefits Of Green Tea For Health and Beauty

Benefits of green tea for health and beauty - Tea is one drink that is often served to guests. Indonesia has some type of tea that can be easily found. among which there are black tea, green tea, and there's more some more tea. among various kinds of tea, green tea is a tea that has the highest benefit.

Besides having a delicious taste turns green tea is also known to have many benefits that serve to maintain a healthy body. almost every day people in Indonesia are often drink green tea because green tea has a taste that fits in a drink in any atmosphere. during the day, certainly will feel fresh if we drink green tea which mixed with ice. as well as in the morning would be so delicious green tea served in a warm state.If you are an tea lovers I think you should listen to the following article:

1. Prevent Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that is often suffered by people in Indonesia. taste sweet foods and unhealthy lifestyle are the main factors of diabetes. substances contained in green tea, green tea is able to regulate the content of sugar in the blood. For people with diabetes so on suggest that regular consumption of green tea.

2. Reduce Risk of Cancer
Not only diabetes, cancer today become one disease that is often suffered by people in Indonesia. Green tea contains antioxidants green tea is 100 times greater than the antioxidant derived from vitamin C and 24 times more effective than vitamin E. The antioxidant content is large enough to make our body spared and protected from cells that can foster cancer ,
Benefits Of Green Tea For Health and Beauty

3. Preventing Heart Disease
Hypertension is a disease that can cause heart damage and stroke. substances contained in green tea may lower bad cholesterol levels cause hypertension without reducing the amount of good cholesterol in the human body. In addition, the benefits of green tea is to speed up the process of recovery and repair process of cells of the heart and can reduce the impact of deaths caused by heart damage.

4. Lose Weight
Overweight or obesity is the cause of many diseases. by consuming green tea may help activate the body's natural metabolism and help burn fat accumulates in the abdomen, thighs, arms as well as on parts that could accommodate the fat in the body. regularly consume green tea and regular green tea every day can burn fat up to 70 calories a day. and if it continues to be applied in everyday life for a year can lose weight up to 7 kilograms. it is only by consuming green tea, then if it is done with other diet methods such as regular exercise and maintain your diet then your diet will definitely succeed with the proud.
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5. Maintaining Healthy Skin
Green tea can serve to maintain the health of our skin naturally. This is because green tea can not give protection to our skin from ultraviolet rays. so with frequent consumption of green tea could indirectly make us avoid skin cancer. not only can prevent skin cancer, green tea is also proven to make the skin we do not rapidly aging.

6. Avoid Risk of Baldness
Baldness hair loss is usually due to a continuous basis which is caused by roots or stems that are less healthy hair. in this case, the content produced by green tea acts as a substance that makes our hair continues to experience growth and regeneration.

7. Clean Acne
Acne is generally caused by dirt or oil that is embedded in the skin, and consequently the skin pores become closed. Dirt and oil are inherent in the pores of the skin can be clean with only consume green tea regularly and regularly. content in green tea is the one who makes it happen for one of the largest content in green tea are antioxidants.

8. Become a Weight Loss Drink
Green tea can reduce the absorption of fat in the body so automatically the quantity of fat in our bodies will be reduced. Also in green tea also contains polyphenols which makes fat burning intensity increases.

9. Counteract Free Radicals
Beauty secrets of the Japanese women lies in green tea, although already old, the skin and the body of women in Japan do not look the same with the women in the same age Indonesian state. the antioxidant content produced by green tea is often known as polyphenols substances can protect the body from free radical damage. it is this that can help so that you can continue ageless may even live longer.

10. Reducing the Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Benefits of green tea - Rheumatoid arthritis means a disease that occurs when the immune system attacks itself reverse direction, causing peredangan for a long time in the joint. Green tea can also help you spared the risk of this disease. the content contained in green tea may protect cartilage damage. substances in green tea will work to block the enzymes that damage cartilage.

11. Strengthen Bones
At the start of old age, changes in strength and bone health is always the case. In addition to reducing the risk of bone and joint diseases, green tea is believed to be the experts to be one of the alternative methods are herbs to strengthen and maintain bone density. high fluoride content derived from green tea can help preserve bone density every day.

12. Preventing Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's is a disease that attacks the brain and the effects of this disease will experience a decline in brain function as easily forgotten or difficult to remember and to reduce the power of concentration. The cause is damage to the brain cells that make the brain shrink, disruptions this disease are generally common in the elderly over the age of over 60 years.

13. Green Tea Can Prevent Liver Damage
Zata-substance content in green tea will weaken transplantation in patients of liver failure. Research shows that the content of substances in green tea destroys harmful free radicals that settles in fatty liver. this is usually common in people who are obese or overweight.

14. Green tea can Treat Food Poisoning
Pain caused by poisoning is caused by harmful bacteria found in food. From many sources and research on green tea, there is a fact there catechin compounds that kill bacteria that comes from unhealthy foods into the human body. or it could be simplified with meaning can neutralize toxins in food taken into the body.

15. Increasing the Immune System
Antioxidants are substances derived from green tea flavonoids shown to be very useful to human health. Flavonoids cooperate with polyphenols to improve the human immune system. it be able to make our bodies are superior in eradicating bacterial infections or diseases caused by viruses.

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