Benefit Of Bananas

Benefit Of Bananas - Who is not familiar with the banana? Yes, the fruit of this one certainly is not foreign to everyone. Fruit that has a long and curved shape is always there in every fruit shops. The fruit is not only sweet, but also contain a lot of nutrients that are very good for health such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and much more. In addition, bananas can also be used for beauty treatments.

Here are some benefits of bananas for health and beauty.
Assist Digestion In Intestine
Bananas contain very high fiber. The fiber content is beneficial to the digestive tract so that it can launch medium of various diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, and intestinal cancer. For that, you no longer need to use laxatives again and quite eating bananas regularly every day. To get the benefits more, you can also combine it with a glass of milk to prevent diseases of the bowel. Bananas also contain anti-inflammatory so it can withstand inflammation.
Improving Circulatory
In the banana contains potassium and potassium that have benefits to help facilitate the circulation of the blood so that it can prevent a variety of diseases such as stroke and heart disease also very dangerous. So the results hold, you can eat bananas regularly every day.
Maintain Eye Health
Bananas contain vitamin A which is quite high. The content of vitamin A are able to maintain your eye health. Vitamin A will preserve the membranes that surround the eye. The membrane duty to bring light to get to the cornea. Vitamin A on a regular basis can reduce the risk of blindness in person. For women are required to take vitamin A as much as 700 mg of vitamin A each day. As for the men are required to take vitamin A as much as 900 mg per day.
Drug Heartburn
Bananas are often used by most people to treat ulcer disease that attacks the body. That is because bananas contain a kind of antidote to acid substances so as to relieve heartburn. Therefore, for those of you who are heartburn and can not eat a variety of foods. You can use a banana as a snack to fill your stomach.
Treat Acne
Acne is a skin problem caused by bacterial infection of the skin. The presence of acne on the face is very annoying especially for people who are very concerned about his appearance. One way they have taken to get rid of acne is to use skin care products. However, that procedure can cause adverse effects on your face. That's because if the skin care products that are used do not match with the skin can cause acne be growing more and more on the face. As an alternative way, you can use a natural way that is safe and has no side effects. The trick is to use a banana. First, prepare the bananas are ripe, then mash until it becomes soft, later you can directly apply it on the face with acne, let stand a few minutes then rinse with water until clean. Treatment using these bananas can you do on a regular basis until the existing acne on your face is gradually lost.
Those are some benefits of bananas for health and beauty. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.

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