Benefits Of Vitamin D For Health

Benefits Of Vitamin D For Health - Many functions that you can get from vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K. All of these vitamins are mostly found in food in the form of vegetables and fruits, your usual daily consumption. One vitamin that is needed is vitamin D . 
Vitamin D 
In general, you probably already know that vitamin D serves as the formation of bones and a human tooth in order to better and stronger. Vitamin D can be found in foods, such as tuna fish, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, oily fish, broccoli and other green vegetables. In fact, the morning sunlight also contains vitamin D which is needed body. The move was justified because of the early morning sun is good for bone growth, especially for toddlers (under three years). However, it should be known not to hang over 8 hours since the sting was getting hot. And toddlers sufficiently dried about 30 minutes and not for too long because of the function of the skin is not perfect. 
That's one of the benefits of vitamin D. Here are some other benefits of vitamin D that you can know.
Keeping Your Immune 
You need to know that the benefits of vitamin D, which are the content of the active molecule called calcitriol. Function for the body's metabolism, which helps absorption of calcium into the bones and muscles. Therefore, you do not want to suffer ill it is advisable to consume foods such as green vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin D. It is intended that your body is always healthy and not susceptible to disease. Some minor ailments, such as colds, flu, colds, headaches, and colds will rarely attack your body because it was protected by vitamin D in the body.
Preventing Breast Cancer 
Breast cancer is one disease that is a frightening specter for all women. The disease attacks one organ woman who was very proud and as an attraction, namely the breast. Typically, the cancer cells only attack one breast only. However, it is possible to attack a pair of women's breasts for cancer cells has been expanding rapidly. If you are already in an advanced stage of severe, will be operated by lifting the cancer cells along with all of her breasts. It was certainly not want, is not it?
But do not worry, because according to research by consuming foods that contain lots of vitamin D can inhibit the multiplication of cancer cells in the breast. That way, you can prevent and avoid the disease of breast cancer that is dangerous. Benefits of vitamin D can be obtained from a variety of natural foods, such as green vegetables and fruits are easily found and purchased in traditional markets or supermarkets. If necessary, you can consume vitamin D supplements are sold over the counter, but you should consult your doctor first to make it more secure.

Rejuvenate Your Skin
You can consume the intake of natural foods that contain vitamin D, such as fish, eggs, and margarine. By consuming foods that contain vitamin D on a regular basis means the supply of this vitamin in the body can be maintained. Positive result of helping in the rejuvenation of the skin cells of your body. That way, your skin more healthy and fresh look. Especially for vitamin D2 and D3 to prevent skin disorders, such as psoriasis. The content of this vitamin is usually mixed in a material body and beauty care products you normally wear. Therefore, when you buy beauty products for skin, you should check first if it contains vitamin D which is very beneficial for your skin or not. Choose one that contains vitamin D, and contains many natural ingredients. By doing so, you use beauty products helped provide vitamin D in the skin of your body.
Treating The Disease Osteomalacia
Osteomalacia is a disease that can be found in human tissues. The main cause, namely the mineral layer formation on human bones is not functioning normally. The new bone is formed without the support layer, so that bones become soft and easily cracked and broken. Bone condition as it was certainly very prone to accidents. Especially for the many outdoor activities. Osteomalacia are commonly experienced by adults, as only osteoporosis in the elderly.One effective prevention for this disease is to consume foods and supplements of vitamin D. However, for treatment should always be taking vitamin D supplements as directed by your doctor. Because the steps to consult with a physician is the right step for treating this disease. In addition, the intake of vitamin D from sunlight is also helpful to cure osteomalacia.
Prevents Rickets For Children
The age of children is a time where a bone has grown and developed. At this age should be noted that the intake of various foods consumed by children. Do not let the only food that can satiate the stomach are given. While healthy foods, such as vegetables and vitamin forgotten by the parents. Therefore, give a healthful meal routinely and regularly in your child.One vitamin that is necessary for children to grow and develop is vitamin D. Because children lack vitamin D intake will lead to rickets, the bone is not that hard and sturdy due to a lack of minerals in it, so easily broken and fragile. To prevent this, children should be given as early as possible intake of vegetables and fruits are many benefits of vitamin D it. In addition, children need to be dried in the sun in the morning is very beneficial for bone growth.
Preventing Osteoporosis In The Elderly
Those who are elderly alias seniors should also be given vitamin D intake that much. That's because the older a means decreased function and concentration of minerals and vitamins in the body. Therefore, the elderly should be given vitamin D in the form of food or supplements. In addition, the aid of sunlight in the morning is very helpful in maintaining bone during aging. 
With sufficient intake of vitamin D for the elderly, it is hoped they can move reasonable at that age is not young anymore. Moreover, they do not easily suffer sickly caused by lack of vitamin D. 
That is little written about the benefits of vitamin D that you can read. Hopefully the above can add your insights as well as make your life healthier longer.

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