Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Benefits of Quitting Smoking - On May 26 is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day. Today was very meaningful in an effort to be smoke-free and tobacco for a full day. Surely the day is one of the most challenging for the smokers, given the difficulty of quitting smoking, although only a few hours.

Quitting smoking is not easy. According to some studies, nicotine in cigarettes one who can make addiction in smokers. David Hammond explains: "Many or at least keep nicotine levels in cigarettes cause an addiction that are harmful to health," a researcher from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Especially with menthol flavor produced which increase the number of smokers in the world. The study, published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control found that menthol cigarettes appeal of being able to make the audience did not stop to smoke. It is more surprising, the study also found that menthol cigarette users aged 12-17 years increased by 57%.

Reduce, stop and free from dependence on smoking on World No Tobacco Day is a major advancement in your life. If you need motivation to leave, here are seven benefits you get when stop to inhale tobacco smoke.
More Skin Color Fresh and Moist
When smoked, the carbon dioxide contained in cigarette smoke lock the flow of oxygen in the blood. This process causes the skin moisture is not maintained so that the impact of skin color is more dull and dry. Conversely, when quitting smoking skin color will turn out to be more fresh, has a red hue and more moist.
Aroma Body and the Fresh Breath
If you look, aroma body of a smoker would be more intrusive than those who never touched tobacco smoke. The aroma of cigarette smoke can be attached to the body so it is difficult to remove. Moreover aroma breath, of course thick with tobacco aroma is strong. It is often self-confidence decline is not it? Therefore, the advantages to be gained from quitting smoking is the scent and breath fresher. Communication became more comfortable!
Look More Teeth White
There are already many examples of people whose teeth blackened and brittle because of the volume of smoke is very high. Reporting from Mag For Women, smoke excessively able to seize the brilliance and dental health. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes can damage your white teeth. To whiten teeth after quitting smoking does require a longer process. Consult with your dentist yes!
Say Goodbye By Wrinkles
People who do not smoke will look more youthful than they are continuously exposed to smoke. Reporting from Boldsky, smoking is the biggest contributor to premature aging of the skin than sun exposure. This is because the toxins in cigarettes it interferes with circulation of oxygen in your blood so that the skin becomes dull, not fresh, and easily wrinkled.
Protected From Cancer Risk
This is the most important thing that you must understand. Smoking is one of the main causes of cancer and various diseases other complications. Vinit Talwar of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute said nearly 60-70 percent of cases of cancer pain in men caused by tobacco by smoking. Although many smokers are aware of the risk of getting ill with cancer, most of them can not escape from this practice because of high rates of addiction and eventually tend to surrender.
Free From Stress
Smoking will give effect to calm and relieve stress? In a study conducted by the British Journal of Psychiatry on 500 smokers in the UK smokers clinic instead indicates otherwise. The results of this study revealed that quitting smoking can make the mood more relaxed and avoid stress. This is due to the smokers can be free of nicotine that provides opiate effects resulting in sustained stress.
Work Productivity Rises
When you stop smoking, the flow of oxygen in the blood will smoothly flow to the brain and throughout the body. It will make you very passionate in through the day and its activities. In addition, with a brighter mind, the work will be completed quickly and accurately.

Smoking is extremely harmful to humans. Even smokers was actually aware of this. Try to work hard to stop your smoking habit. Remember that the family is still in need of protection and affection from you. Moreover, when there are family members who need hospital services. You must be ready to provide assistance and support.

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